Wonder Woman Review : WOWing Begins with Marvellous Wonder

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Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince. The film shows us her origins as she trained to become a warrior and eventually she meets Chris Pine a man who washes up on shore at her homeland. She then learns of World War 1 and wants to help and take part and battle against the German.

There’s two fish-out-of-water stories in this movie the first act is Chris Pine in this place and he’s like I don’t get any of this and everything is surprising to him and he’s learning a lot about Diana and her upbringing. Then we have another fish out of the water story and that’s Diana going away from her homeland and learning about the real world and what’s going on there and world war one and so we get to see two characters who sort of teach each other things which I was really happy about because I didn’t want to just go to this movie and see a perfect character with no flaws from the very beginning. 

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Wonder Woman has a lot to learn, she’s very naive and the film was wise to understand that and it allows you to go on this journey with her and feel like you’re experiencing all of her ups and downs emotionally. It’s not just like she’s born she’s a perfect fighter she’s a superhero nobody can touch her.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot’s chemistry is amazing and they both learn from each other and their relationship in the film went to emotional Heights that I did not expect. I was genuinely touched by the end of the film I was really into that aspect of the movie which was a major surprise and I found myself really caring but he brings a lot to the movie. He’s not just some guy that she’s constantly saving because he’s some weak guy like he actually brings quite a bit to her character and her to him.

They both really learn from each other and there’s a lot of times in the movie where Patty Jenkins and the screenwriter they took the time to have smaller moments there’s a scene where he teaches her how to dance. It really means a lot for their characters but it’s also the type of quiet small moment you don’t normally get in movies like this and it makes their relationship so much more fleshed out and there’s a lot of scenes like that.

I won’t get into any spoilers but there’s a lot of times where the movie does slow down and lets these characters just be people it’s not just a mindless series of action scenes there’s quite a bit of action in it and when the action is going down my god it’s satisfying. There’s a lot of tiny action moments but there’s like three major set pieces in each act. There’s an incredible sequence on her homeland an amazing world war one sequence and of course the big epic finale.

That finale did get a little CGI heavy and it reminded me of some of the doomsday stuff in the end of Batman v Superman for some people that might be a turn-off but here. I thought it was handled considerably better in regards to the way it was all cut together. There is a lot of CGI and that’s to be expected because Wonder Woman is not normal.

One thing which bother me a lot with most superhero movies as of late whether it’s Marvel or DC and that’s the villain characters they’re pretty weak. There’s like two or three in this movie and some of them are just so poorly underdeveloped. They feel very hammy which doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the movie and that was a major disappointment for me. 

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The movie is really long but I think it works for this character you really needed to see her upbringing her roots. Where Wonder Woman came from, why she is the way she is.  The villain characters could be better this isn’t like the best DC movie since the Dark Knight. I would say The Dark Knight Rises is probably still a better film but this is a blast.

Wonder Woman is the first really really legitimately good DC EU movie despite all of the hate that went her way when she got cast Gal Gadot owns the role of Wonder Woman. She reminded me of Christopher Reeve in the first Superman movie full of joy hope and completely without cynicism. This is a fantastic casting choice she really nailed this role. This movie was a total blast from start to finish. It has a lot of the things that I want to see in a superhero movie.

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All in all Wonder Woman is pretty much exactly what I would want out of a Wonder Woman movie I am so happy to say that this is the first great DC EU movie and I had a blast with it. It's really colorful movie, there's a ton of colors in almost every scene. Go for It. Go for WOW.


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