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Super Indian

This happens rarely, but it’s amazing to see two Super characters from two different worlds having similar names! Most of the regular north Indian comics fans may have been cognate with the word of Super Indian. Super Indian co-created by Tarun Kumar Wahi and Dilip Chaubey and made his first appearance somewhere in 2005 from Raj Comics.

But I happened to encounter another superhero with similar name, introduced to the Native American comics world somewhere in 2012 by the Creator/Writer/Artist Arigon Starr. Arigon’s Super Indian was streamed first on radio nationally in National Public Radio, Native Voice One radio network and the American Indian Radio in 2006 and later it picked up the comics medium under Rezium Studio. The reason to create such a character was to introducing to the American comics culture a native super hero by native artists and writer.

The larger historical frame of references to the development of this character happens to be the overarching American culture and its often colonial outlook of culturally misinformed gaze on native Indians. Instantly this Super Indian got tremendous response and reach in US as well as in its native lands because it’s something to which native as well as non-native American people are able to connect.

By the way of unique origin, “Rezium” is the mysterious element which was added to the contaminated commodity cheese resulted in super powers in Hubert Logan making him Super Indian. The success of this character was because of the appropriation of Native American cultural context and contemporary need to have some native superheroes.

Arigon’s Super Indian is an ongoing web-comics series and preparing to its third volume. On the other hand due to the various reasons Indian Raj Comics’s Super Indian closed down after 13th issue “Chemical Locha” in may 2008. Hopefully, there will be revival of Raj Comics’s Super Indian and the world will have again two Super Indians ready to fly.


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