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Punisher Marvel Knights

Wolverine is totally badass character, but sometime bad things happen to him, actually funny things. I was reading Punisher Marvel Knights 37, where DareDevil, Spiderman and Wolverine team up to stop Frank Castle aka Punisher mass murderer rampage. They think that Punisher is dangerous for society and need to be behind the bars, so they make plans to stop Punisher, but frank is one step ahead of them.

He has one golden trick to defeat all 3. In Punisher Marvel Knights, Suddenly out of nowhere The Incredible Hulk appears in the middle of Brooklyn and start fights with DareDevil, Spiderman and Wolverine, and then the funny part begin.

Wolverine is always ahead in fight, with his empty pockets and what happen next, read below. I rearrange Punisher Marvel Knights pages and uploaded only Wolverine pages to show whole incident happen to our claw snikt hero, and believe me it’s really funny.

All in All Punisher Marvel Knights issue 33 to 37 is all about war between heroes and it’s really very interesting read, there is serious tone but as well as dark humour and funny things all around in these issues.


Punisher Marvel Knight

Punisher Marvel Knight

Punisher Marvel Knight


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