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Nagraj aur Jadugar Shakoora Video Review

Hello Guys, here is another review of Nagraj aur Jadugar Shakoora done by Spanish Comic Reviewer El Reviewer Random. Video is quite funny sometime and it’s enjoyable to watch, although video language is Spanish, but there are English Subtitles into it, so anyone can understand what is whole content in this Video. As we all know Nagraj and Jadugar Shakoora is published around in late 90’s and this comic is biggest CrossOver of Indian Superhero with International Heroes: Nagraj, Superman, Batman and Spiderman. So you can say it’s crossover of Raj Comics, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, but it was un-authorised, that’s why Raj Comics changed names of Superhero in their reprint of this comics, Superman turns into Metroman, Batman became Darkman and Spiderman got new name Bugman. Raj Comics changed these Heroes costumes colors as well.


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