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Delhi Book Fair 2016 : Overall Great Experience

Hello friends, Hope you and your love ones are happy and prosperous. Today I am sharing my reviews on Delhi Book Fair 2016. I came to know about the event recently from one of our fellow comic lover Prince Ayush. Few people know him by the nick name Junior G 😆 So let me share some of my lovely moments with you.

Now believe me friends its raining like cats and dog over here in Delhi. I planned for a early visit to Delhi Book Fair 2016 at around 11 AM but, I am a normal human with no superpower. And neither I got power of Nagraj where I can use my snakes to make me an umbrella and neither I got Dhruv Super Bike. I was Sad. But At last I was able to reach there in second half.

Now Its and easy guess why I was there, I was there for Comics and especially Indian Comics. Sad to found out that there were no other Indian Publishing Like Yali Dream Creations and Holy Cow Etc. But I was happy to find Raj and Diamond Comics Stalls there. :Yipee: But believe me it’s not easy to find Raj Stall at first. I took three rounds across 8,9, 10 and 11 Hall to figure out where is Raj Comics Stall. Diamond was easy to find as there was a big Chacha Chaudhary Cutout inviting me to visit their stall.

Diamond Comics Stall was good but I found there was a lack of enthusiasm among workers. They were not bothered to show any thing. They were siting and were not in mood to answer anything. I asked about some comics of Dynamite series and few others, but they simply didn’t bother. Just one reply that all comics are there find by yourself. 🙁 Anyway I left the store. Then I started to look for Raj Stall and after all the roaming I found it on the entry on hall number 12.

The Raj Comics Stall was very well organized and the staff was dressed in RCJ T-Shirts. I headed towards the comics section and found my superheros were waiting for me. I asked for some comics and the person was very cool and help me to find all what I was looking. Some editions were not available but he told me that might be I will get it from online store and also some will be available after reprint. I read a review of one of the fellow author about “Raj Comics Silver Jubilee Edition of Nagraj and Dhruv” combined comics, I bought it. Apart from all there were a lot of comics. I purchased many comics to complete my series. Few Collector editions also. But my bad luck that Sarwanayak series was missing few titles, So I have to let it go. Quite unhappy not to get Fuel and Venom comics and Gehri Chal, which I am looking for since last 2 Years.

They provided me a discount of 10 percent and with that they gave me two Jigsaw Puzzles of Nagraj and Dhruv:Yeh: After they came to know that I share my birthday with Snake-Man Nagraj.

Overall Delhi Book Fair 2016, was great experience. We discussed about why there is no animated series etc with staff but didn’t got promising answer though. But At-least they are doing their best to keep my childhood memories alive, which is not an easy task as our Indian Comics Industry is not in a very good state.

OK before I close it, Let me share the details about Delhi Book Fair 2016, the venue and dates (I know I am joking, you people already know it!) Delhi Book Fair 2016 is running at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 11 am to 8 pm. Last date is 4 September 2016,

So Hurry and beat the rain like me and meat your superheroes!



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