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ComicCon 2016: The wait is over!

Buckle up fanboys! The much awaited ComicCon India is just around the corner! Doesn’t matter of you’re a ComicCon regular or a clueless newbie, we’ve got you covered. The Event is going to be held in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai in November.

From feasting your eyes with the awesome original artwork of your favourite artists, to meeting and conversing with the hot and happening celebrities who are rocking the small and big screen, to hanging out with people who share your interests and won’t get bore of your never ending ramblings about the trending topics in today’s comic world, ComiCon has it all for you!
Check out the dates and mark your calendars:

Hyderabad Comic Con: Sept. 24 – Sept. 25
Mumbai Comic Con: Oct. 22 – Oct. 23
Bangalore Comic Con: Nov. 12 – Nov. 13
Delhi Comic Con: Dec.9 – Dec. 11

See Ya there!! meanwhile checkout his cool cosplay video



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