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Alternate Careers for Enemies of Super Commando Dhruva

For Die-hard fans of Hindi Comic books, Super Commando Dhruva (SCD) does not need any introduction. Today we are going to guess what career Enemies of Super Commando Dhruva choose, if they not bad guys at all. He was the man everyone boy wanted to be. In a murky world, his moral compass was always ramrod straight. SCD always believed in giving second chances to his enemies and never in killing his opponents. Except of course, in his first comic- book, “Pratishodh ki Jwaala” where he kills his enemy, “Boss”, purely out of revenge and nothing else.

SCD made a lot of enemies fighting crime, and to his credit has his own rogue’s gallery, which is full of colorful characters. Most of the thugs SCD encountered had only one thing on their mind- something sinister and evil. A lot of his enemies came with deadly powers of their own only to be thwarted by the fast thinking SCD.

I started wondering, how it would be, if these villains pursued some other careers, besides, you know chasing after SCD!  Here is a tongue in cheek look at the possible career options. Happy reading!

Grand Master Robo: Grand Master Robo is half human – half robot, who nurtures a deep grudge against SCD, namely because SCD keeps getting in the way of Robo’s plan of World Domination. Robo has his own army and has a lot of henchmen at his disposal – all of them with unique powers and abilities. Robo was initially a gangster called Robert Sheen who was disfigured by a bomb attack by his enemies.Robo has a daughter named Natasha who is in love with SCD, with SCD too, reciprocating her feelings, adding fuel to Robo’s fire.  


Robo’s left eye has an inbuilt laser beam, which gets triggered, when his ire is evoked. Robo is great with unarmed combat and also has brilliant organizational skills, apart from being a great motivator for his employees. He rewards his successful employees and simply kills his not so successful employees, thus keeping them on their toes and well, highly motivated.

Therefore, some possible career options for Grandmaster Robo are as per below:

  • Office Secretary – a lowly position, but this will add to his organizational skills.
  • Motivational Speaker: Any one disagreeing with him, Robo will just open his left eye and burn that person!
  • Since, Robo is also immune to the poison of the Mamba Snake, Robo can also be a poison sucker.

Chumba Samrat:  Chumba Samrat is an interesting person. He has magnetic powers – he can attract pretty much anything made up of iron and he also has a special power – he can transmit himself through electrical wires. In the Book, “Chumba ka Chakravyuha”, he hatches a plan to trap SCD by designing a multi-layered kill zone (SCD breezes through it, anyway). Given these special talents, I think following can be some alternate options for the Samrat :


  • Electrical Wires Repairer: Since the Samrat is able to transmit himself through Electric Wires, he can also locate the fault in the wire and thus help the local electricity board in avoiding losses.
  • Magnetic Dipole: The Samrat can act as a magnetic Dipole thus helping our scientists in conducting experiments.
  • Metal Scrap Collector from the Garbage Dump: This requires taking out his tongue and separating iron from the, well, you know, what.
  • Metal Detector: Since the whole of his body is magnetic, he can act as metal detector especially at airports, aiding in national security and a chance at redemption.

Dr. Virus: Dr. Virus is a mad scientist who specializes in the research of micro-organisms, especially viruses and how those could be utilized for warfare. He is one of the creepiest villains in Comic Book History.  With his special skills and a brilliant attitude towards humanity in general, these could be the possible options for him.

  • Guinea pig for medical experiments: Since he has conducted a lot of these experiments, using humans as his subjects, I reckon, he could do with some payback.
  • Biopsy Specimen: His body is a living virus and therefore, his body parts would be valuable in conducting biopsies to detect diseases.


MahaMaanav: Mahamaanav is an alien with psychic powers. He uses telepathy and his brain power to influence people. Like the other villains, he too nurtures a deep grudge against SCD for thwarting his designs on humanity. Here are some options for him as well :


  • Stage magician:He can be marketed as the Desi Copperfield – his shows can bring in the big moolah.
  • Brain Donator: – Since his is a special brain, he can donate his brain after his death. Given the fact that he is probably immortal, that is going to happen after 200 years.
  • Emergency Mail Server : Since he is an expert at Telepathy, he can be used to pass on messages in case your mail server goes down !

There are some other specimens as well, for eg : Bauna Vaman can pursue a career as Tyron Lannister in the desi  Game of Thrones,  The roman soldier can play Alexander in the local circus et cetera. I hope you enjoyed reading these career choices. I sincerely hope that you will consider more honorable career and life choices J


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